2nd International Workshop on Flow-Induced Blood Damage in Rotating Systems.

Rostock, Germany
Postponed to 2021

The Workshop

Maintaining exchange and advancement.

Research on blood damage in rotating systems is a main subject of the Institute of Turbomachinery (ITU) at the University of Rostock. With a history of 600 years, Rostock is one of the oldest universities in Germany. The technical faculty founded in 1951 was the first one ever established at a classical university in Germany.

To enhance international innovation, we invite you to discuss in workshops current research about flow-induced blood damage in rotating systems, especially in ventricular assist devices.

The first edition of the workshop in 2019 was very well received and it was collectively requested and decided that we should host the workshop again. We received a lot of feedback from participants last year and we will try to realise it as good as possible in order to further improve the experience and the exchange of knowledge. The detailed programme will be published in due course.

As one of the main reasons for organizing the workshop, we want to realize a free and open exchange of knowledge, but also of problems. Afterwards we want to tackle and discuss these problems together. And not just only with 5 minutes of discussion. We want to give all speakers at least 20 minutes of discussion time after their presentations. To enable a free exchange of opinions, we will only publish the title and authors of accepted abstracts on the website.

We invite you to submit abstracts about the crucial topic of blood flow and blood damage in mechanical assist devices, with all related topics included, until May 31st.

The workshop will take place in Rostock, Germany at the coast of the baltic sea. The detailled venue will be released soon and you will be provided with much more information.

We are excited to see you in September!


SPEAKING about problems

We want to re-establish and encourage the possibility to point out problems to scientific peers in a secure environment.


As a typical aspect of a scientific meeting, we want to spread new knowledge throughout the community.


With new knowledge and ideas, we want you to form and create an improved methodology in the research about blood pumps and blood damage modeling.


Talk, network and establish new collaborations with scientists and researchers across the globe and gain a new depth in your research.


The workshop will take place in the beautiful city of Rostock in Germany.

The detailled venue will be announced soon!


About the Institute.

The Institute of Turbomachinery (ITU) deals with reasearch and teaching in the field of turbomachinery systems. Our main focus are numerical methods for the development and optimization of turbomachines as well as their acoustics. Extensive experimental equipment is available for the research, such as an anechoic chamber.
One of our main subjects is the reasearch on ventricular assist devices.
Further information can be found at www.itu.uni-rostock.de.



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